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Our neckwear are sewn by these hands with all the love and attention you would expect from a handcrafted work of art.

Our Story

Every piece tells a story and you play the lead role.

Custom Ordering with your special ties

The work comes alive on your body.

I am honored you have lent me your canvas of personal style to exhibit my work.

- the necktie maven


We love hearing from you, seeing your #asterfieldstyle & sharing your stories.

I received the two ties that I have waited to get for SO long! They are absolutely stunning! Seriously, I love each masterpiece of yours... You are a genius and to own pieces of yours is a complete honor! I don't know whether to wear them or if they need to be behind glass in a museum. Every piece is timeless and sophisticated! Thank you for the beautiful card that you created! Everything is perfection!


"My enthusiasm for Lilian Asterfield (and Nicole) really cannot be contained. In addition to the structural ingenuity of her designs — part origami, part Gehry — her work with color and pattern is amazing."

The Directrice

I received the neck piece today - it’s wild and wonderful and I love it so very much!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to wear it!!!!!!!! You are so colossally creative that I can’t hardly stand it!!!!!!


My Birdie in Deco Black is the perfect mix of playful and badass. I didn't want to take it off because it made me feel so damn flirty and like the boss I am. Definitely a beautifully crafted addition to my wardrobe.


Thank you - it is even more gorgeous in person!


Hi Nicole...thank you for your assistance with my purchase. This amazing piece is a Christmas gift for a friend of mine. I’m a big fan..made my first purchase at the Art and craft show in Westport happy!


Do you have a few treasured neckties you'd like us to make into one of our designs?

It would be our pleasure!

Custom Ordering