LUX Katherine - Paisley

by Lilian Asterfield

The LUX collection is a highly curated collection of pieces created from Nicole Deponte's private stash of unique, rare, luxury, vintage, silk neckties. These beauties have been carefully collected over the period of 15 years and are now being released in a variety of our signature designs.
Two gorgeous vintage silk ties have been transformed into our Katherine shape, lovingly named after my Grandmother. Our sewn in dress snaps are easy to find, right at the knot, snap on and go. Each design is hand-ruffled, hand-stitched, and lined in ribbon.
21” snap to snap.
Lined with 100% Rayon Ribbon
-Recommended for our more petite clients who want a touch of ruffle with out drowning in it.
-Inquire about custom ordering  from our Print Editions and Solid Satin ties.
*Dry clean only as you would a plain necktie.