Welcome to the curious world of Asterfield... 

A sucker for innovation, collage and inventive design, Nicole Deponte, challenges the norm with an avant garde lens.
Lilian Asterfield's signature collection of hand stitched ascots created from re-purposing the necktie continue to be the most sought after pieces from the label. Eye-catching color combinations, juxtaposed prints from a curated vintage collection, and hand-stitched tailoring make each piece a wearable work of art. Asterfield is gender neutral and for everyone who may be sweet on a good ruffle. The label celebrates individuality and supports the pursuit of personal style. 
2017 has been an exciting year of experimentation. Deponte has continued to explore materials as catalysts with a gentle nod to victorian designs. While getting back to the drawing table and working on her 2D collection, she has been playing with some wall hangings, bringing ASterfield into your living space.
Who is Lilian Asterfield? Lilian Asterfield is artist and designer, Nicole Deponte's, alter ego and the character behind the label. The name was invented by her Gramps as a pet name for her Mum when she was a little girl.  Lilian Asterfield is a feisty, free spirited, modern Victorian with a splash of Cowgirl.
One B.F.A in Sculpture + two bags of neckties + an eye for color = an unexpected adventure into Refashion.