Asterfield Tidbits

Avoiding the Ordinary - Tuesdays Tidbits

I think its safe to say that Lilian Asterfield is anything but ordinary. Trend is fickle and we have never walked a straight line. Cleverness is often coveted,...

Day Lily Delight - Tasteful Mondays

Some floral delights to add to your menu.

Find Your Creative Voice - Book Club!

Weekends are for reading and I'm sharing some of my favorite books on Saturdays to help inspire. Today its Lisa Congdon's book "Find Your Artistic Voice: The Essential...

The Iconic Cubist - Feature Friday

Feature Friday is a little studio and shop news. We'll share our favorite pieces and/ announcements and events.

Suiting for Everybody - Dress Code Thursday

One of our favorite bespoke suiting companies, Bindle & Keep, we'd style their suits with a Lilian Asterfield any day!

Sia's "Never Give up" for Shake It Up Wednesdays

New Blog post, some shake off the cobwebs midday dance party with Sia's "Never Give up" for Shake It Up Wednesdays

Your quirks are a super power - Tuesday Tidbits

Moving energy with in your space to keep your mind and body strong.

I'm obsessed with Bee Bom - Tasteful Mondays

Bee Bom is a fun plant to add to your edible garden! Lilian Asterfield shares some tasty foodie finds on Mondays.

The Neckite - a very short and sweet history

In the 1920s a tailor in New York, Jesse Langsdorf, who specialized in neckties set the 45 degree angle that would be the necktie we know and love today....

Paying It Forward

Over the next few weeks Lilian Asterfield will be working to help our beloved Rhode Island community. I felt parallelized in the beginning of March. I feared for...