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Let's Tie One On

Meet Olivia

Collaborating with the gorgeously talented, Olivia Rodrigues, we have created a romantic and warm visual love letter to Autumn. This fw21 curated collection drop, the second of about 4...

A Fresh Face for Asterfield

With a year of uncertainty, reflection, and revolution, this is the moment for community, creativity and boldness. Lilian Asterfield has, and will always be a mood, a declaration...

"How to be a Exployer of the World" - Book club!

"How to be a Explorer of the World", Keri Smith, a great tool during this time of social distance and backyard worlds.

The Watson - Feature Friday

The Watson is lovingly named after Dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes. I'm a mystery nerd and when I designed my Sherlock and Watson, the names just clicked. Designs...

Dress code Thursdays with Lillyput Hats

Always paring my ascot with a Lillyput hat!

Shake it Up Wednesday with "Thrift Shop"

Midday dance break to shake off the studio cobwebs, who’s in?

Enigmatic - Tuesdays Tidbits

Tidbit Tuesday with Lilian Asterfield - Whats are some of your favorite vocabulary words?

Lettuce Wraps- Tasteful Mondays

The quarantine garden can inspire some fun, edible, inventions!

East of The Sun and West of The Moon - Book Club

My second pick for Book Club is "East of the Sun and West of the Moon", illustrated by Kay Nielsen, designed by Andy Disl, and edited by Noel...

Pomp & Ceremony - Feature Friday

I had the honor, say honor because a beautiful neck tie is a treasure, to be able to work with one of my favorite purveyor of tailored necktie...