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Lettuce Wraps- Tasteful Mondays

  • by Nicole Deponte

About the only thing that has survived my first attempt at vegetable gardening is my lettuce. I gotta say our quarantine menu has kept us inventive! Taking some tips from a few of my favorite cook books like, Yotam Ottolenghi's many amazing books... I learned a ton about flavors and what I needed to create them.

I came up with a super easy filling that takes about 30 min to make and can use up "fridge odds and ends" like a champ.

We use pork or ground beef because we're meat eaters, but cauliflower, tofu could work too! Just saute in a pan over the stove, maybe add a little garlic or red onion if it tickles your fancy. Be sure to drain after cooking, the wrap will get too messy if it has too much liquid in the mix.

In a large bowl mix some peppers, tomatoes, shaved carrots, peas, corn (what ever veggies you have kicking around) lime, salt and pepper, cilantro, Sriracha, agave, some bee bom petals (I always rave about), and ginger (lots of ginger) - all to taste. You want tang, sweet, and a little spice. Add in the drained meat or whatever and stir it up.

Grab your lettuce leaf, I go with a head that has cupped leaves, they are easier to fold and eat. Insert delicious goodness into mouth.

So refreshing - so good, and SO SIMPLE! We love to cook, but we also love to keep it quick and relatively simple, inventing as we go along. So have fun!


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